Freelancing for writers is overwhelming. There are now so many places one can go to find a freelancing gig. But did you know that majority of the sites that posts all these gigs requires money for a chance to maybe be hired. With so many writers attempting to steal the same job you’re after, it’s hard to compete. Plus, for some money is an issue. It’s easy to find the jobs, but then you only have so many site coins to use to appy for the best jobs that you’re capable of doing. Then once you run out of these coins you have to pay monthly to receive so many more coins. This benefits the sites hosting the jobs but where does that leave the freelance writers? Surely, I am not the only one who sees this issue.

Freelancing sites should construct a fairer system that would allow those who don’t have the necessary means to be able to find jobs. It should be up to the employers to find the best suited candidates and not for the hosting sites to only allow those with the necessary means to apply to the jobs that are found.  How would you feel knowing that there are dozens upon dozens of jobs that you are highly qualified for and yet, you can’t apply for a single one because you’re out of the FREE coins given to you and because you don’t have the money to spare to buy more coins on the 50/50 chance of being hired?

What is a freelance writer to do? And where do they go once this becomes an issue for them. Let me tell you, as a freelancer, it’s hard to tell others what your can provide for them. Because most look to hire freelancers from freelancing sites mostly. Most turn away from a freelancer trying to run on his or her own. It’s a tough market. Most would rather pay well-know sites and freelancers than to take the chance on a freelancer who offers the same service at a lower price and is capable of doing the same exact service.

My advice is that if you are looking for a particular service and happen to run across a freelancer on his or her own, then take the time to ask the necessary questions, ask to look over samples of work, and etc. before passing up a great opportunity that may cost you less and be as accurate as those charging more.