Love Is Red (The Nightsong Trilogy)

Love is Red by Sophie Jaff is one dynamic novel.. The thriller is brilliantly well written in a way that makes readers feel like they have plummeted into the story themselves. The point of view leads readers feeling like they are there, inside of the scene doing everything that is said. Then it switches point of view and you can feel yourself feeling or thinking the same thoughts as the main characters. Absolutely, out of this world. I have never read a romance novel where I felt like I was actually in the characters shoes at all times. Readers will never know what to expect next because Sophie Jaff only keeps them in the now.

Love is Red is a romantic and yet thrilling tale of two beings who fall in love. I love how Sophie gives us a deep inside viewing of both characters views and thoughts. It certainly gave the novel a unique way that sets it from all others in its genre. A man who is a killer and a woman who has a dark prophecy to fulfill. Each of their viewpoints shows us the darkness that is happening. A man killing women until he finds her..Katherine. Katherine meets two men who are entirely different from each other and doesn’t know what to make of either one. As they killings continue, the plot takes readers deeper into a beautifully dark  world that is just beginning. I highly recommend this stunning read to readers everywhere and rate it a five out of five stars. I was hooked instantly and now looking forward to the next novel within this suspenseful trilogy.