From Danielle’s Desk 

Writers have a harsh life.

There are some readers, who will go all their way out just to say harsh things to a writer about their writing overall. Now, this is not right!

It’s one thing to politely state that, “Hey, I noticed that your plot tends to lean….”

Etc. etc. etc.

But to go to a writer and say, “Hey, you suck! You shouldn’t be a writer! You write like a….”

Seriously, this is an issue that should not be happening and for some reason it does.

Writer put out their work, knowing that yes, they will indeed receive harsh critics but there’s definitely no need to insult the writer.

I am a writer. I welcome the bad and the good.

But, I would not tolerate an insulting person, who thinks that throwing insults at the way I write will be good for me.

Heck no!

It’s not. Especially, new writers.

New writers put themselves out there bare for readers to pick at their work.

So, don’t go insulting them!

If you have something negative to say, don’t say it all unless you can present yourself professionally and in a personable way. Meaning critize something, if you see something wrong, but don’t go yelling down at the author!