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September 2015

Cover Reveal

Cover reveal for October 2015 Issue

We are looking for the following to feature in October’s Issue:

  • What’s your story as a writer? As a blogger? As an editor? As a beta reader? As a publisher?
  • Short Fiction Stories
  • Creative Nonfiction Pieces
  • Poetry
  • Published a book or two? Let us know, and we’ll feature it!
  • Author Interviews
  • Who’s your favorite author?
  • What’s your favorite book?
  • What book would you recommend to others?
  • Writing Mistakes
  • Book Advertising
  • Blog of the Month

Email us if you have one of the above things that you would love to share and to see published in our online literary magazine. Our email is:


September Newsletter

Hi everyone, we have some exciting news to share.

  • Urban Lit 2015 September Issue will be released soon!
  • Interviews have been pouring in.
  • Currently, we are proofreading a new manuscript.
  • Reviews are free!
  • New Short Story by Lucy Mitchell will be inside of Urban Lit Magazine.
  • Magazine issues will now be available in PDF, ePub, and mobi.
  • A new homor piece will also be featured in Urban Lit Magazine.
  • New Editing Services and prices!

New Writing Prompt for September

September is the month where we think of and honor our grandparents. They are truly amazing people and need to be honoreed, ┬áremembered and cherished. September 13th is Grandparents’ Day. So, in honor we are hosting a free publishing contest for our writers to submit a short 500 – 1,000 word short story featuring grandparents. It can be a memior or fiction piece. Please, submit it to us via email with Grandparents in the subject area.

Email your story to us at:

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Book Review: This Is One Moment by Mila Gray

This is One Moment ┬áby Mila Gray is indeed the one moment all readers will fall in love! A one of a kind romance that happens only once during a lifetime if at all. Fairy tales don’t exist but that doesn’t that two hearts can’t unite under the right circumstances. Walker is an injured Marine at center where one regular but extraordinary woman melts his tough exteriors and keeps him wanting all night long. Didi is a summer intern at the center where her parents work as doctors. While there she meets one man who is not only a hero but also a romantic despite him pushing her away. Soon, they grow found of each other’s companionship and then the lines of professional start to blur…In the end, will Walker and Didi have the chance of happiness or will Walker’s blindness forever keep in alone in the dark?

Mila Gray is a best-selling author whose novels are heart melting with such realistic stories, that it’s hard to put her novels down. This is One Moment is a novel that features how one’s gears can paralyze them forever and how rewarding the road to recovery can be especially when you have friends and family at your side. I loved reading this romance. It was real for me and the miracle of recovery for the Marines that were injured and all they went through on their way to healing was incredible. A read unlike any other. Readers will feel the novel tugging at their heart making them laugh and cry. I highly recommend this novel to readers worldwide. I believe that every hero needs a Didi and every Didi needs a man like Walker to love them completely and forever. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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