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January 2016

Valentines Day Writing Contest!

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Hi everyone,

We will be hosting a Valentines Day Writing Contest, where writers will get to compete with other writers for the best Valentines Day Writing Story.

This competition cost onlly $5.00 to enter in, and will begin on February 8th. All those wanting to participate must sign up now. Registration ends on February 7th.

The contest is composed of 3 rounds of writing. Each round consists of a given topic that writers must write a story for and will also, have a limited number of words to be used.

1st Round – Consists of writing a story on a given topic. Writers must write a story using only 2,500 words. Writers will be given 6 days to write and submit their stories.  Judges will then choose the top 5 writers to make it to round 2.

2nd Round – Consists of writing a story given on a new topic. Writers must write a story using only 2,000 words. Writers will be given 3 days to write and submit their stories. Judges will then choose the top 3 to make it to the final round.

3rd Round – Consists of writing a story given on a new topic. Writers must write a story using only 1,500 words. Writers will have 24 hours to write and submit their stories. Judges will then choose the final winner of the 2016 Valentines Day Writing Contest.

Each writer will receive feedback on their writing as well as a rating. All writers will also, receive a digital seal for each round of writing they completed.

Each writer’s work will be featured for a one time free publication in our online literary magazine called, Urban Lit Magazine.

Writers who sign up, will receive a confirmation email and an invocie for the $5.00 entry fee. At the end of the contest, each writer will be emailed their ratings, feedbacks and digitals seals.

To sign up now, email us at: and put VDWC in the subject area.


Writers Needed!

Hi everyone,

We are needing writers who would like to write a piece to be featured in our online literary magazine.

Here are several topics that we need writers to write about:

  • Blogging Into the Future – Talk about how blogging has changed the way writers publish their work, gain promotions, and market themselves to readers around the world. Also, mention a few new features in blog sites that have changed for the better in improving the ways writers can target their pieces to readers everywhere.
  • Poetry 101 – What is considered poetry? What kind of poetry is there? How to go about writing the perfect poem?
  • Poems – We need poets who would like to see their poetry featured. Gain public attention to your work by allowing us permission to publish your poems one time in our magazine issues.
  • Flash Fiction – We are thinking of adding a flash fiction column into our magazine. A place for writers to submit pieces to be featured in our magazine and to gain votes by our readers on which pieces were the best in plot, characterization, hook, and pace of story.
  • Behind the Desk of A Poet – We would like to feature a poet who has success iin publishing his or her poetry and wouldn’t mind speaking out to other poets and writers about his or her experience.
  • Fantasy – What is fantasy fiction? Elements commonly found in this genre? What to look for when writing in this genre?
  • Science Fiction – Is this genre gaining momentum in the publishing world? If not how can writers target their work to make it catch up with other popular genres like romance?
  • Reader’s Opinion – This is a column, where we would like readers to send us their opinions about the latest trends in books, literature, reviews, and etc. These opinion piece can be sent in to us and we can but annoymous in place of reader’s name. However, we would like to put the reader’s state the live in to show that that readers come from everywhere.
  • Author Interviews – We need more poets and authors to feature within our magazine issues. This is an excellent and free way for writers to gain more exposure.
  • Book Releases – Authors and or publishers can send us pictures, links, and book release information for us to feature in our magazine issues.

Writers and readers can send us an email with anything they would like us to feature for free inside of our magazine issues via Word Document in English to us at:

If you have a photo to include with your poetry, flash fiction or other piece of writing and or opinion then please attach that to your email.

Sneak Peak: March Magazine Issue



Free Magazine Issues

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February Issue – Free!


Please, click on the link below for your free February Magazine Issue:


Thank you, everyone, for your loyal support and help!

Editing Deal You Can’t Beat!



Hi everyone, we are still hosting a $30 only editing fee for any size manuscript. This is because we are raising money for a college student (an honor student). The lower the price the more editing jobs we gain towards helping this student. This deal will last until January 31st. Then editing fees will be $50.00 per manuscript.

Out of the $2,500, we have rasied $360.

We will edit your manuscript for only $30.00 and will have it fully edited within 1-3 weeks time.

Please, email us with your manuscript attached to:

We will send you a confirmation email as well as an invoice for the $30.00 editing fee.

Thank you, for your support and help!

February Contest




Hi everyone, we will be hosting a writing contest this February. This contest will for all of the romance writers out there or anyone who would like to compete with other writers. The contest has a deadline to enter in by February 4th and won’t begin until February 8th.

To read on how to enter and what the contest entails, please, check the link below:

February Contest


Mark Your Calendars!


Mark Your Calendars!

We have many new and exciting events coming this years.

First of all, editing fees will remain at $30.00 per manuscript until January 31st. Talk about a deal!

Second, we are hosting a Valentine’s Day Writing Contest starting on February 8th. All interested writers can read below to find out more. Must enter into the contest by February 4th. Cost is only $5.00 per person. 

February Contest

Third, we are hosting all proofreading costs at $15.00 per manuscript.

Fourth, we are hosting a book giveaway! Five lucky winners will be selected to win a free eBook from us. Details will be posted on February 1st.

In March, we will be hosting a Poetry Contest. All writers interested must sign up before March 7th. March 7th will be the start of the poetry contest. Entry cost is only $5.00 per person.  The three rounds of writing for the poetry contest will work out like this:

1st round – Poets will be given a topic to write a full page of poetry. Poets will have 6 days to write and submit their pieces in for judging. Judges will then choose the top 5 poets to move onto round 2.

2nd round – Poets will be given a new topic to write a half page of poetry. Poets will have only 3 days to write and submit their piece in for judging. Judges will then choose the top 3 to move onto round 3.

3rd round – Poets will be given a new topic to write a five line poem. Poets will have only 24 hours to write and submit their piece in for judging. Judges will then choose a winner.

All poets will receive a digital seal for each round of poetry they made it to as well as a rating and a critique of their poetry. Overall winner will receive the Overall Best Written Poetry seal.

All writers, who enter in this poetry contest, agree to letting us feature and publish their poetry from each round into our March Issue for a one-time publication. All poets still own and hold all rights to their work.

We will also be featuring a free book giveaway during the month of March. Five lucky winners will receive a free eBook from us.

January Issue Cover Release!


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